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Hindi Movies 2016 Full Movie Naksha where the story begins with the search of an archaeologist named Kapil Malhotra to who has an ancient map, which leads to the Armour of Karna taken by Indra in the epic story Mahabharata. Years later after Acharya's death, his son Vicky, aided by a copy of the same map that he comes across by chance, leaves on a journey to discover what it was that his father dedicated his life in searching. The re-emergence of this quest attracts the evil forces, as Vicky is abducted. Help comes in the guise of Vicky's elder step-brother Veer, who is sent there by Vicky's mother to get Vicky back. Vicky is grateful to be rescued but not pleased about his brother's mission to take him back. Now starts a hilarious tug of war between the two brothers. Along this journey through the dense forests, high mountains and deep ravines, they encounter one more ally,a girl named Ria. Pursued by the forces of darkness, this trio sets off on the journey to unravel the mystery behind the map and here unfolds an adventure. As they got through this difficult adventure where at last there quest was being fulfilled and also re-awake there father's soul for years to come.

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