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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 5 ‘The Cutie Remark’ Finale Trailer

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‘Revenge. What if... it never happened. What if... Twilight Sparkle was never sent to Ponyville?’

The Cutie Re-mark – Part 1: ‘Starlight Glimmer, the prodigy of Mage Meadowbrook, returns and uses the Cutie Map’s magic to change time into a world where Twilight Sparkle was never sent to Ponyville.’

The Cutie Re-mark – Part 2: ‘In a world where Nightmare Moon controls night eternal, Chrysalis conquered Canterlot and Tirek runs rampant. Can Twilight cutie re-mark her friends...? Or will Equestria be lost forever?’

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Saturday November 28th 11a/10c


| Transcript | Walkthrough of Video |

Twilight: “If this Rainboom wouldn’t have happened. Fluttershy might never have discovered her love of animals. It might hard to imagine that Rarity without her sense of fabulousness, but it’s even harder to imagine what my life would be like. Applejack might never have realised that she belonged on her farm and Pinkie Pie might have never of decided to leave hers...”

‘What if... It never happened.

Twilight: “Without this Rainboom I might not have got into magic school, Celestia wouldn’t have taken me on as her pupil, or set me up in Ponyville to meet my friends...”

Starlight Glimmer: “Welcome home Twilight. Mwahaha.”

‘Twilight was never sent to Ponyville.’

Nightmare Moon: “Well now, doesn’t this seem familiar.”

Discord: “There is evil in this world.”

Spike: “We travelled back in time?”

Shining Armor: “Don’t count me out just yet... Chrysalis.”

King Sombra: “My crystal slaves.”

Twilight: “The only way to prevent this disaster is to stop time!”

Tirek: “Freedom!”

Princess Celestia: “Show yourself!”

Starlight Glimmer: “You can’t stop me no matter what you do!”


| Music |

Twelve Titans Music – For all Humanity
Ninja Tracks – Temporal Shift
Really Slow Motion – The End of the Beginning


This video is a dramatisation of the synopsis of the last episodes of Season 5 and is an extended version of previous trailers with some fanmade and leaked footage mixed in. This video is FANMADE/FAKE. It was made for fun by me, to fuel hype and not to fool anyone. The animation isn't trying to match up to the shows, so fanmade parts should be obvious.


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