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Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation Speech ★ Six Rules of Success [Epic Motivation]

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Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivation Speech - Arnold's Six Rules of Success. NO MATTER WHO YOU ARE, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO THIS.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Six Rules of Success.

In 2009, at his USC Commencement Speech, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared some of his "rules to success" in an epic speech that will inspire generations to come.

"People ask me all the time "What is the secret to success?"

I always wanted to be very intense, I always wanted to be number one. I took it very seriously, my career. So this was the same when I started with bodybuilding. I didn't want to just be a bodybuilding champion, I wanted to be the best bodybuilder of all time. The same was in the movies. I didn't want to just be a movie star; I wanted to be a great movie star that is the highest paid movie star and have above-the-title billing.

And so this intensity always paid off for me, this commitment always paid off for me. So here are six rules:

Trust yourself, break some rules, don't be afraid to fail, ignore the naysayers, work like hell, and give something back."

- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Motivation. Guaranteed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Motivational Speech: https://youtu.be/F9-eTYYROkU

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